Support Us

You can support us in many ways.

  • Follow us on facebook.
  • Click on the donate button. We are always short of money and every little helps.
  • Email or phone 020 7702 8301 and ask about becoming a ‘project friend’. A small, but regular donation with a standing order is a fantastic way to help.
  • Volunteering. This could take the form of taking on tasks that take our staff away from working with the children and young people. Help with administration is welcome, fundraising is always needed, whether applying for grants or organising local events, support with managing our website and IT. Or maybe you would like to provide support of a practical nature like helping repair or rebuild our play structure, or get involved in our food growing project?
  • For the more hardy, we accept a limited number of volunteers to work directly with the children and young people, under the supervision of our trained staff.
  • Become a trustee. We are currently interested in receiving applications from people with financial management, fundraising and legal skills. Email or talk to Ros Toynbee on 07861 714529 to find out more.
  • Donations of materials. We love recycling. This could include materials for den building, wood, pallets, nails, screws, tools, old clothes for dressing up, paints, old toys, bikes, bike parts, scooters, roller skates and blades…almost anything!
  • Supplies of healthy foods for our Children’s Cafe. Whole wheat grains, rice, pasta, free range eggs, whole wheat bread, dried beans, canned tomatoes, baked beans, fresh herbs and spices, fresh fruit and milk.
  • You may be able to support us in ways that we haven’t thought of. Please let us know.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please don’t hesitate to contact us.