Glamis Adventure Playground

swingThe Glamis Adventure Playground is a professionally staffed adventure playground with open-access for children up to 16 years. Children under 8 need to be accompanied a responsible adult.

Opening Hours:

Term Time

Thursday – 3.30pm – 6.30pm

Friday          – 3.30pm – 6.30pm

Saturday     – 11.30am – 5pm

As many of the children have working parents, the children stay the whole time the adventure playground is open.

The children participate in building play structures, dens, swings and tree houses. Changes to the site are discussed with children and we keep to the traditional “adventure play” way of running the playground, which means the children have access to tools, timber, paint, nails and so on. There is, therefore, already an established culture of involvement.

Play and Healthy Eating


Being aware of the children’s needs for activity, fresh air, less TV and computers, and a generally less sedentary lifestyle, we focus on healthy eating and on exercise, especially outdoor activities.

We have seen that if children have the offer of healthy food, and learn to cook it themselves, they will develop an appetite for vegetables, pulses and the like.

If they are offered activities like swimming and cycling they take them up and if they are viewed as “play” (rather than physical education) they engage enthusiastically. So our adventure playground, where children can swing, run, climb, chase, dig and so on has been a great success.

Our trained playworkers ensure that children have the opportunity to explore their own play experiences. We try to include elements such as:

• Playing out of doors
• Working with their hands to experiment and build
• Awareness of the seasons, growing plants, natural environment
• Loose parts that children can use to make dens, shelters, imaginative games
• Playground structures children can adapt and modify themselves
• Tools to repair bikes

The playground is open access and as far as possible, the children determine their own play. Our staff supervise the site to ensure it is a safe place for children.

Cooking is done over a fire. We share our tea outside, coming and going from the open fire. We feel the rain in our faces, the wind in our hair, the heat and the cold.

Ideally, kids would leave their front door and there would be their play environment—rich in challenges, natural, free and full of other kids to play with. In today’s environments, especially urban environments, those boundless opportunities are not there. At Glamis Adventure Playground we attempt, with sound playwork practice, to provide that play environment in the best way we can.